FAQ - Instant Brow Tint

How long does the tint stay on?

The tint lasts 7-10 days on your brow hair and 3-5 days on the skin. The tube lasts up to 18 applications. Remember to always apply it on clean, non oily eyebrows to achieve that long-lasting effect.
Full Instant Brow Tint Tutorial here:

What's the best colour for me to choose?

We’ve created an entire page including images that will be helpful for you to choose your perfect colour. Check out our colour chart here.

How do I prep my brows for tint?

For the tint to colour your hair, it's crucial that your eyebrows are thoroughly washed and free from any grease. Use a toner or a non-greasy facial wash for cleansing. Make sure your brows are entirely dry before applying Instant Tint.

How long should I leave it on?

You can leave the tint on for 10-15 minutes or extend it to 20-25 minutes for a darker, bolder hue on your brow hair. Always conduct a patch test before applying the Instant Brow Tint.

Does it also cover grey hair?

Although the tint generally covers most greys, it might not be as effective on individuals with particularly stubborn grey hairs. For better results, we suggest leaving it on for an extended duration between 25 - 30 minutes before wiping it off.

I have sensitive skin, can I use the tint?

Our Instant Brow Tint suits all skin types and is gentle on the skin as it doesn't contain PPD, a harsh chemical that can cause allergies in some people. It's actually made from henna, so it's pretty safe to use.
We always suggest conducting a patch test on a small area of skin 48 hours before you use it. If you feel any tingling or burning, wipe it off right away.