FAQ - Brow Styling Balm

How can I achieve that laminated brow look?

Apply the Brow Styling Balm on clean, dry brows, brush and lift with the spoolie, style to your preference. Then press your hair down for a fuller & laminated look. It's so easy to achieve that fuller, long-lasting brow effect in seconds!
Full Brow Balm Tutorial here:

Should I apply makeup before or after?

We recommend applying the Brow Styling Balm on clean, dry eyebrows before any sunscreen, skincare or other makeup.

Is it waterproof/water resistant?

Yes! You can wear it while working out or swimming and your eyebrows will be locked in place!

Is the Brow Styling Balm easy to remove?

Yes! The Brow Styling Balm can be easily removed with warm water or makeup remover.

How do I clean the Lamination Brush?

Please use lukewarm water to remove any excess product gently. The brush can be cleaned after every use.

How long will one Brow Styling Balm last?

One Brow Balm can easily last anywhere between 3-6+ MONTHS, depending on how frequently you use it.

Can I use it if I am pregnant or have sensitive skin?

Yes, our Brow Balm is 100% natural, vegan and can be safely used during pregnancy. It is suitable for sensitive skin and features amazing ingredients to nourish your brow hair.