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by Ailana Beauty on October 02, 2021
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Soap Brows - Beauty Must Have

One of the latest makeup trends, inspired by beauty influencers and celebrities, is soap brows. It’s how many models achieve that bushy, wild eye look that is truly captivating.  

Eyebrow trends have been in fashion for many centuries to enhance the brow beauty. These eyebrows can make or break your face shape. You must have seen many celebrities whose looks changed completely with their eyebrow transformation. Everyone these days prefers to have wild and perfect brows

Eyebrows have played a significant influence in the evolution of beauty standards throughout history.
Women have experimented with various brow procedures from ancient Greece to the present day. 

There have been eras when a prominent, painted-on brow was the norm, times when going natural was the only option, and even times when having no eyebrows and a high hairline was considered the peak of beauty.

Women do plenty of things to get beautiful eyebrows such as brow lamination, eyebrow tinting, micro shading, and the list goes on. But if you want a professional-grade brow and beauty, then the best option for you is soap brows.

Why Soap Brows?

Instead of using brow gel, you simply use a  special formulated Brow Soap Kit to achieve that bushy, wild eye look that is truly captivating. In this technique, our conditioning brow soap grips every single hair, resulting in thick, voluminous & textured eyebrows that perfectly frame your features. In this way, it gives your brows unbeatable lift & hold, and it will stay all day long.

The brow soap will help you mold the brows in your way whether you want to cover up the gaps or to fluff them upwards to get a feathery look.

Which Brow Soap should you use?

Beautiful brows and lashes are the dreams of every woman. However, the harsh chemicals in some soaps can damage them. So it is extremely important to use the right soap kit. There are many brow styling soaps in Australia available on the market but you might want to consider the Perfect Brow Styling Kit from Ailana Beauty. 

Our vegan formula features deeply nourishing, smoothing & softening oils. Including coconut, jojoba, & olive oil + vitamin E & witch hazel. The ideal soaps for brows are unscented, uncolored, and made of glycerin. 

Brow styling soap is the perfect way to transform small, patchy eyebrows into perfectly voluminous, & textured brows. — Anna, Model & Influencer

How to do Soap Brows?

If you have planned on doing this trend, then here is a quick tutorial on how to do them perfectly.

Step 1: Prep your Spoolie
First of all, using our Perfect Brow soap you won’t need to wet the surface of the soap that you are using. Simply run a clean spoolie brush through it, making sure the makeup brush is well coated but not overflowing with soap. Make sure the spoolie has a good amount of product on it.

Step 2: Brush spoolie in eyebrow hairs
Now that you've got soap on your brow brush, it's time to get to work. Brush straight up and away from the brows. The bold, fluffy brows you're after can be achieved by using the spoolie to direct the brows upward. Run the spoolie horizontally around the top border of the brow if your brows are a little too big for your liking. The tops of the hairs will be angled slightly downward, making them appear smaller overall. Just hurry before the soap dries and traps the hairs in place.

Step 3: Fill in your brows
Look for any sparse patches now that your brow hairs are in place. Filling in your brows with your preferred brow product will help them appear fuller and more defined. To draw in hair strokes that integrate well with the rest of the brow, use a blade-like instrument or a thin brow pencil. You can use an eyebrow brush from the eyebrow kit to get the final perfect beautiful eyebrows.

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Tips and Tricks

Doing soap brows isn’t as easy as it may sound. It can be difficult if you have sparser areas. Before grabbing the spoolie, make sure to know the following tricks.

  • Don’t use a wet spoolie as it can create a cast on the eyebrows. But a dry brush will also pluck out the delicate strands.
  • Some women use a brow pencil or brow powder after finishing with the soap brows. This is done to fill any sparse area in the brows. However, it is advised to fill the brows before using the soap to avoid any smudges.
  • If you are looking for smooth eyebrows shape then tame the wilder hairs at the top edges and closer to the tails of the brows.

The best way to do it is to slightly comb the eyebrows with the help of a spoolie. After that, fill in the gaps with a brow pencil and blend it. Do your soap brows very lightly so that you don’t smudge the product. In this way, you will get the best eyebrows you have always desired.

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Why you should get your Perfect Brow Soap Now

Once a person finds the perfect eyebrows, his/her look can completely change. It takes time to get the perfect brow shape by shaping and trimming them. 

Soap brows are one of the trendiest styles these days. They exist as a middle ground between brow gel and brow lamination. They are the best way to achieve a fluffy and textured eyebrow. 

Soap brows can hold shape all day. Just make sure you are using the best eyebrow styling soap and technique to get the perfect brows. Don’t forget to wash and clean it every few days and it will last much longer than expected.

To Achieve Instant Thickness, Volume & Texture, get your Perfect Brow Styling Kit Now!


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